There are angels who invest in startups,  VCs who invest in growth
but NONE when entrepreneurs want to change!
Luckily we exist!  We are CoCreators!

Several innovative ventures die for the reasons that could have been prevented. We bring Expertise, Mentoring, Empathy and Investment to our companies, helping them to avoid failure and achieve their full potential
Benefits of working with us include

Aligning the business for a better future
  • We work with you to build the business plan and the product plan that not only expands the opportunity but captures the unforeseen value
  • We help you restructure, cleanup the captable and align the company for brighter future
  • WE help you define validation metrics to align the strategies towards exit/ subsequent funding rounds
WE bring experience & execution capital
  • We take our role as “CoCreators ” seriously. We bring our expertise in Finance, Product, Technology, Business models, marketing, and operations  We’re entrepreneurs  @ heart, and we want to help you succeed.
  • As part of venture growth Lab  we have empaneled experts in technology, marketing, distribution and functions who work under our supervision in exchange for equity
  • We help you find cofounders and senior management missing in your execution strategy
Special focus and expertise required in turnaround, spinoff and pivots
  • We often find companies collapsing because they are trying to force the scale in a limited market size. We bring in requited patience and validations to help you reset the pace and align yourself with the market opportunity
  • We understand challenges of chaning organization. Our experience across companies help you in Smoother transition to new plan while conserving value generated from existing business models

In challenging times, we  are the fund that entrepreneurs should reachout to!  

Few scenarios where we invest in?

  • You are a traditional business house. You see a huge opportunity in playing in the new economy. But you need a partner to structure the right idea & help you build a right organization to your next great opportunity
  • You have a disruptive idea and have built an early version of the product leveraging seed capital/ your own investment. You see some traction / value in the IP but not good enough to get you to next round of financing.  
  • You have a unique and interesting business at a reasonable scale. But you could not raise capital when the going was good. Your story is looking stale, growth on a flat trajectory. You want a partner to help you explore new opportunities that can bring you back to a great position
  • You built a great product and got too early in to a market, only to realize you got your product market fit wrong, worse, you spent all your money in marketing to wrong audience. You need a partner to evaluate and help you pivot
  • Your investors, senior employees, cofounder or your self looking to exit and chase a new opportunity. You need a partner who can come and bring new energy to business that was built with lot of sweat and money
These new opportunities demand not just additional financing but lot of handholding and strategy.  Good news is that we are here to help!.  

Please note that we dont look at early stage companies without some level of market experimentation. We would prefer - 
  • Spinoffs from large business hoses,  Companies with Angel/ VC investment or companies with revenues of 5 crore and above
  • We look for A defendable Technology IP or a strong distribution networks or execution capability

Unique Value propositions of CoCreate

Venture growth Lab

Execution support

Founders pool

A strong venture development support helping entrepreneurs to move to next phase. We provide ideation, mentoring, execution support  along with the validation capital. Our identified Venture catalysts/ potential cofounders ensure that there is enough support for the ventures.
–IP strategy and filing
–Marketing strategies, App distribution, measurement
–Key hiring's and completing the team structure
–Finance, MIS and corporate governance
–Bootstrapping infrastructure

It is becoming harder for Startups to hire. Hiring resources before the clarity on the product direction is not only time consuming but could also mean risk of hiring wrong profiles.
Outsourcing is not an option as the quality of resources available, continuity of resources and motivations are always questionable. Before the validation phase, startups require quick validations, pivots and constant mentoring. These challenges make outsourcing becoming more expensive and less reliable for Indian startups.
Derisking for entrepreneur by creating a pool of options across our portfolio companies.

Restructuring/ transitioning support

All the hard talk and negotiations to cleanup cap table and righly align rewards with value being created

Validation metrics

Building great companies is an art, but knowing whether we are on the right path is a science >>
Based on deep understanding of the business and experience, we work with the Entrepreneur to define validation metrics for each of the businesses. Validation metrics are benchmarked against the current trends of series A financing and a strong foundation for the health of the business.

Validation metrics will ensure that
  • You are raising right money by knowing exact deployment of the money
  • You have clarity on the business and ensure funding works positively for you
  • And possibly a better valuation
We work with our entrepreneurs to customize and define validation metrics for the business and invest to validate if those metrics can be achieved and to what extent. We believe time is money for entrepreneurs and our validation metrics ensure that entrepreneurs spend their time and energy in the right direction

JustBooks, An example of our investment

JustBooks Before our investment
  • Network of libraries for renting physical books
  • Million + books ; 150K+ consumers served in subscription mode
  • Retail Presence in 65+ locations across the country
Impact within 3 months of our investment in Justbooks
  • Repositioned around shared economy for knowledge with expanded seemless omni channel experience
  • Investment in to building  new technology, consumer experience, product extensions and channels
  • High energy Professional new team on board
  • On track to achieve doubling of revenue and reach within 12 months